Electrum Litecoin wallet crashes on Mac

Hope this is the correct place to be posting this. I have been using the Electrum Litecoin wallet with a Trezor to store some LTC. It had been working fine until today but now when I try to open it I get this message “Electrum-LTC quit unexpectedly”. It is most likely is due to a recent OS update on my mac. Any advice on how to resolve this greatly appreciated.

I no longer need this issue fixed because I am able to access my LTC via Trezor native support. In other words the Electrum wallet still crashes but I dont need it any more.

why are you using electum? when you can just save litecoin on a flash drive and tell it to store the block-chain App data on the flash drive…then you have a mobile core wallet…

Not sure how to do that. Anyway I don’t need to, I don’t use Electrum any more. Trezor is fine.

you can download the wallet from litecoin.org and when you open it and it ask you where you’d like to save the data…just select a new folder you create in your flash-drive…also…install it to the flash-drive…in windows…I have to create a batch file and put this in it: start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data then I just open the wallet with the batch file and everything is saved to the external drive…its a basic hardware wallet solution…I’m sure it works similar in Mac World just “App Data” folder is called something different…where ever the blockchain data is stored is what you have to put on the drive with qt installation…

The version on the official Electrum-LTC website was very old (2.6.4 - May 2016) and didn’t work with the latest firmware of Trezor. The latest Github version: 2.8.3 has resolved the issue with the Trezor on OSX (I tested it today). I suspect, it is a matter of a few weeks, before Pooler releases the new version as an OSX binary on the official Electrum-LTC.org website.

Electrum is a light wallet: you don’t need to synch with the blockchain to perform a transaction, or to save a copy of the 8GB blockchain on a USB. The Electrum-LTC servers around the world, which are supporting your client, are doing the hard work for you. The servers are all voluntary and community-based operated servers - there is no Electrum INC that monitors your transactions.

Start the software, and in a matter of seconds, you can issue a transaction - even if you have not been connected to the Litecoin network for years.

That is one of the convenience of Electrum - amongst others…