Donation to China’s Litecoin Community

  • In order to express our gratefulness and thanks to those who spent great efforts in developing litecoin and who continually supports litecoin in the past 5 years, we organized an activity in the form of uploading cards on 8btc forum and weibo with the 5th anniversary limited edition of Ledger Nano S, litecoin T-shirt and litecoins as prizes. For the purpose of getting to know what people think about litecoin and what improvements we can do in the future on litecoin development, it is asked that the participants to write down anything they’d like in relation to litecoin, suggestions and expectations were preferred. And we encouraged participants to show their photos for collecting purpose.
    For the activity details, you can check here:8btc and Cybtc

  • This activity lasts half a month and we received about 120pcs of replies, among which there are 38 people uploaded their cards and 20 people showed their photos.

  • And we paid 47.93LTC as awards, 10 units of Litecoin T-shirt(approx RMB50/UNIT), and 2 units of Ledger Nano S (approx RMB599/unit).

  • All of these awards came from our litecoin community volunteer, PZ’s donation. This amount of awards is pretty much. We here thank you so much. But in the future we need donation to keep our community running and to organize more meaningful activities for propaganda purpose. As you know, donation from one people only is very limited, but efforts from more people will make a difference. So, if it is possible, please join us and kindly donate for our community. Any amount is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  • Here is the donation address: LLiXGm4UKncBap65yx4uhrReEvr9n8fk6A

  • Detailed financial reports will be released regularly on our official website, including donations and spendings.

Here is the the first part of the incentive payment issuing lists:

Here is the second part of the incentive payment issuing lists:

Here is the photos collection from our litecoin activities on 8btc and Cybtc.

Here is the uploaded cards collection from our litecoin activities on 8btc and Cybtc.
The first part:

The second part:

Please note that the prizes for the 2nd place winners has been all delivered with tracking number as below:

For the 1st prize winner, we are sorry that we have to delayed the delivery of the prize due to the courier problem. We are here looking forward to your kind understanding and we will definitely arrange the delivery for you once available.