Do you think Litecoin will be the new Bitcoin?

I believe that down the road, Litecoin will reach as high as 10% of the Bitcoin. I don’t mind this since LTC is $200 and BTC is $57k.

Here’s my prediction, every time BTC doubles in value, so does LTC. If and when people decide to heavily invest (long term) in LTC, you will see a near-instant jump of $10k at a minimum. Then we will hold it and it will grow drastically at that point.

Your thoughts?


In 2017 Bitcoin peaked around $17,000 and Litecoin peaked around $300. Right now Bitcoin is at $44,000 and Litecoin is $130. Bitcoin is 2.5 times it’s peak, and Litecoin is less than half. I think that trend will continue. I mine litecoin and convert it to bitcoin or other new projects challenging ethereum’s position. Ethereum is 200X my buy in, Bitcoin is 45X my buy in, Litecoin is 10X my buy in. All bought in early 2017. I lost a lot of value trying to pick the next bitcoin.

I have been hearing about crypto from 2017 with popular names like BTC, ETH, I also heard about Litecoin too so started investing in 2022 good to see Litecoin surviving and developing
I believe it still has a good life in the long run.

Trying to link the value of Litecoin with Bitcoin is flawed because it forgets the main point which is Bitcoin is #1. Its what has the highest profile and the most acceptance. Its what people think of first when they think of crypto.

I have various top-20 cryptos in my portfolio but the main ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin and (CRO).

Each of these serves a purpose:
Bitcoin - most widely recognised. Potential flow-on benefits from institutional adoption.
Litecoin - fast and cheap to move. Very wide acceptance.
CRO - >12% staking rewards and other benefits attached to their card.

My business also holds the following:
BTC and LTC - same reasons as I hold these personally. BTC also has some good edge cases like paying contractors in the Philippines where the banks suck and most of the populace don’t use them anyway.
ETH - A pain in the ass TBH. Not because I want to.
Matic (Polygon) - Gas fees for NFT’s

It is possible any of these could increase in value. They probably will. How much and when is not my core concern. For me, crypto is a bit of fun and an interesting way to store my savings.

Litecoin was built from a copy of Bitcoin’s source code, rather than forking from the Bitcoin blockchain, making it a completely separate blockchain with no shared genesis block.

The recent increase in the price of Litecoin indicates that investors are beginning to recognize this digital currency as a viable alternative to Bitcoin. While Bitcoin has remained the leading player and the largest digital currency by market capitalization, it is losing ground to other digital currencies due to concerns over mining efficiencies and how expensive it is to buy presently.

While Bitcoin has the sole role as non directed all other coins need to emerge in Marketing. LTC is more fixed in trade thus up and low it goes as movement is the lifeblood of trade.

Saw an article on Coinbuzz that hinted at something similar for Ethereum and had good things to say about LTE. But it seems that we’ve been hearing those things for a while and BTC doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

LTC does not double when BTC does. In 2017 I bought BTC at $900 and LTC at $12, that is 75 LTC to buy 1 BTC. Today it takes 390 LTC to buy 1 BTC. BTC out paced LTC by a factor of 5X.

To be sure, I accumulate, use, and hold both along with others. :slight_smile: