Do KYC exchanges will delist LTC?

Five major South Korean #crypto exchanges - Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit and Gopax announced to delist.

That is Classic LTC address example:

That is MimbleWimble LTC address:

Maybe someone from LTC team can explain those exchanges founders/developers they can simply do not support MimbleWimble addresses, and they still are good with law just like before?

If they dont accept deposits from MimbleWimple addresses then nothing change for them right?
… or maybe I’m wrong?

monero is used normally, and litecoin will also be accepted by everyone

Agree. I propose to stop paying attention, to what exchanges do, and focus on payments directly.

I’m asking about something else. Kyc exchanges follow AML law. In that case they can’t support privacy coins. But in LTC case they can not support deposit from MimbleWimble addresses only and still can support classic addresses deposits and still they are ok with AML law. So why this Korean exchanges delisting LTC if still classic LTC addresses are compatible with AML law? Maybe someone from LTC foundation should explain them this topic. They don’t need to delist LTC because if they accept deposits only from classic LTC addresses then they still are compatible with AML law. Maybe they don’t understand MimbleWimble feature is optional only?

Agree. To cease focusing on what exchanges do and instead pay direct attention to payments is what I recommend.