Did I lose my LTC or can I get it back?

A couple years ago I mined some litecoin(about $1000 worth by today’s price) and i was dumb and didn’t back up my wallet(I stored my LTC on the LTC qt wallet for windows 7) or secure it in anyway. Recently I opened the wallet after not opening it or updating it for the past two or three years and synced with the network(or so I thought) and transferred my LTC to my Jaxx wallet on my phone. The transaction seemed to have gone through successfully because the LTC showed up on my Jaxx wallet but the problem is that the transaction never validated on my Jaxx wallet even though the LTC still showed up on it. I secured my Jaxx wallet and generated a backup phrase. I then reset the cache and repaired my LTC wallet and the LTC disappeared. I opened the litecoin qt wallet on my pc and the LTC wasn’t there either after resyncing with the network. I looked at the transaction history and saw that the litecoin qt wallet never went through any of the confirmations and I tried to locate the transaction on a block finder and couldn’t find the transaction.

Am I SOL or is there anyway I can get my LTC back?

hey mate, i don’t really get it, i guess you’re confusing it too much, LTC wallet, LTC qt, litecoin qt and so on!
can you summarize it and give a short and clear description of your situation?

Sorry about that. Basically I transferred my LTC from my wallet on my pc to my Jaxx wallet on my phone and lost them. The wallet on my pc didn’t go through any confirmations even though the LTC did show up on my Jaxx wallet. After going through the recommended troubleshooting from Jaxx(backing up my wallet and resetting the cache) I ended up losing all of my LTC. I checked the transaction ID on a LTC block explorer and couldn’t find anything. Hopefully that’s a little clearer.

what is the main address you sent it from to get to the jaxx wallet…the one you got paid by from mining…that is the address you need to follow you coins from…then import the address into core…if you still have your backup (or private key for the address) it should work…

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Thanks! So I just downloaded Litecoin Core and it’s currently reindexing the blocks. I didn’t actually have to import my old wallet into Core though(I downloaded Litecoin Core on the same computer as my old Litecoin wallet). So once Litecoin Core is finished reindexing blocks should my Litecoins show back up in my Core wallet or my Jaxx wallet?

your coins will be in core if you imported your address into core but can be spent with either wallet only once…from one or the other … not both…