Development Update Oct 8 2016

While the development work on Litecoin Core is been continued, two new members just finished their training. One is Peng Sun a.k.a voidmain ( ); the other is Fan Yang a.k.a Fancy ( ). Let’s welcome them to the Litecoin Core team! The rest few new members are still finishing their training. Let’s give them a little more time.

Both Peng and Fan will help Charlie Lee with the Litecore project first, which will enable Trezor wallets to support Litecoin and it can also be used in many other projects as well (You can get an idea on who are using Bitcore, and those will be likely to support Litecoin once Litecore is finished).

Peng is a full stack programmer interested in cutting-edge technologies. He is a serial entrepreneur who has joined two startups and even co-founded one himself. He loves mathematics and is fascinated by the consensus protocol behind Litecoin.

Fan, as a serial entrepreneur, is interested in creating things. He has rich experience on both server side and mobile development. Although not very successful at the beginning, he joined ppzuche 4 years ago, which was an early stage startup and is now the largest P2P car sharing platform in China and Singapore. He believes in cryptocurrency and Litecoin in particular because of its great potential in globalisation.