Development Update - Dec 30 2016

This is the last development update of 2016. I wish you guys a happy new year!

The development work of Litecoin 0.13.2 is almost done. There is really not much left to be done before the release.

However, Thrasher a.k.a Adrian Gallagher, has spent quite a lot of time on the development recently, and as many of you guys, he also needs some rest especially when the New Year holiday is coming. He will be back to work on Monday (Jan 2, 2017), and the release of 0.13.2 will be shortly after that.

If you want to know more detailed progress, feel free to check the code repository directly:

Again, wish you a happy new year and hope all the preparation work we did in 2016 will bring a great 2017 to Litecoin!

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Great News, Happy new year!

What about release 0.13.1?

We will directly release 0.13.2.

For us non-coder types is there anything unique going into the update that is NOT
just a port/rehash of BTC? Something say from another coin hook? Anything you
can hype as unique in this update to differenutate LTC from BTC tag along.

(not trying to slam…just looking for a hook to look less like BTC and doing something
new and different)

I understand that seg witness may come out on this sooner on LTC but looking for
that interesting step beyond a non-coder like me can tout to me so I can tout
to others it is not just clone in lockstep with BTC (or at least not all of it) :slight_smile:

I would recommend taking a look at the release notes, which includes a list of the differences between the Bitcoin client and Litecoin client. It will be available in the actual repository in docs/release-notes-litecoin when 0.13.2 is released.

that is all well and good but promoting your coin (LTC) is more then just saying look at the release notes
other coins have more hype and activity…imho we are getting lost in the crowd…you can sell a product
by word of mouth in crypto…

currently BTC at 1086 usd and ltc to btc ratio has dropped to 0.00407 or some such…it is a lower ratio
then when LTC was at 900 usd…this is just silly…all $$$ going elsewhere due to the fact LTC is percieved
as a dead end coin except for pow scrypt mining…need some action

as someone who mines 3150mh of LTC I want it to suceed…but from a price point of view and more
important a USE point of view as silver to btc gold (ie 0.00407 ltc ratio to btc) it is falling down hill on
all fronts imho.

A good start imho is just get the original posts from the original back here somehow
at least it would show some depth as you move onward

discouraged :frowning: