Crystal Kingdoms NFT Board game / MMORPG , over $30k usd worth of active give aways as well ^.^

Hiya ^.^ ,

Crystal Kingdoms is an NFT game that’s almost ready for release, its ran on the BSC , the founders are from the U.S.A and are making multiple games such as a board game, MMORPG, and an AARPG that allows the tokens earned in the first to be used on all 3. It’s a really interesting concept and something for anyone that’s into P2E / NFT / Crypto in general.

It’s not staking, yeild farming or the other rugpull nonsense so if you’re after that its not that. It’s a gaming company with clear and identifiable goals. The founders are transparent and have videos of their AMA’s online as well.

Here are some links to the content , there’s a minting cycle right now and its 4000 total mints with about 1650 left to be minted. Also there are alot of give aways for multiple things going on in this pre release stage. Such as BNB, Axie Infinity Teams not scholarships, and some crystals from the mint itself.

Thanks hope you can stop in and check out the project and possibly leave some advice after you check it out.

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