- First Hampers on offer

I am launching a Crypto Grocery store, This is not an official launch thread. This is where UK customers will be able to buy general grocery items and toiletries to be delivered to their door, or hampers of general goodies. I cannot send many perishables by courier easily, but UHT milk makes an exception. Non UK customers would be able to purchase sealed packaging food items only and have a higher shipping cost. The domain is currently dead until launch.

Obviously I have to make a profit in this business so it will cost a little more than if you bought it from a shop!

As a service trial, I have two ‘hampers’ (have not got the baskets in stock yet):

2 Loaf Kingsmill or Hovis Bread
1 Carton UHT Milk
1 Carton Butter
1 50 Box of Tea Bags
1 500g of Sugar
1 Box of free range eggs
1 1kg of porridge
1 Bar of Soap
1 Bottle of Fairy Liquid
1 Bottle of shampoo + conditioner
1 Bag of pasta + Tomato pasta bake
1 Tube of colgate total toothpaste
1 Twin pack Toilet Roll

To trial for two UK customers

For 0.040 BTC or 12 LTC (price includes shipping)

The site is nearing ready for launch so nothing is on the domain yet. The service will Launch for BTC and LTC. The price also reflects the shipping of your shopping and also allows me to make some profit.

This is to be the beginning of grocery shopping using cryptocurrency in the UK!

Any takers, if anyone is interested! Then i will take the feedback of them to further improve the service. There are two of the above hampers available.

Transparency and for logging sake: The addresses used for ALL CryptoGrocery inbound transactions will be:

3DnJPRRETe4Neby52pbHdPNmTLNvux18YB (BTC)
Lbm5FcbiQmnoXg2FvaFWE78eWVA4gosGWc (LTC)

I will be using CoinPayments as the website payment processor, who will forward coins to these addresses (subject to change), but these will be the main addresses used by as ID addresses so anyone else on here who may pose as cryptogrocery, validate the addresses either here or on the topic. Any promotional emails for subscribers from the site will also come with a signed message from one of these two addresses to verify who it is from.

If anyone on here wishes to buy their weekly shop with Litecoins, go right ahead today! I have two of them ready to trial for two customers.