Cryptocurrency and how it is advancing society

Upon the release of Bitcoin a whole new generation of technological breakthroughs will be allowed to happen. If there is ever a threat in security with bitcoin then don’t we know technology has advanced to the quantum stage or at the least some major security flaw is found? Which who’s to say when that day may come. That is assuming Satoshi never moves his coins and it becomes one of the largest incentive based programming prizes in the world to crack the codes and take them. Along with this the same shall be said of coins to come along with new advancements in the technology such as Litecoin’s soon to be implemented Mimble Wimble! These cryptos with Proof Of Work algorithms also incentivize the transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources. That is because of the profit miners are currently receiving from mining which in the long run renewables are a much more profitable choice. Along with that is the major advantage of receiving a currency that is decentralized and not controlled by a single entity. Needless to say I think Crypto is here to stay… Be your own bank.

This is not investment advise. This is just my take on Crypto.

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Want to have your mind blown even more.
Learn about “Price Calculation Problem” first described in the book “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth” by Ludwig Von Mises.

In 2016 I was a Crypto Fan for about a year and I taught everything as you described here.
And then I learned about the Price Problem, it took me a few months to actually get it completely.
And in that moment my mind was BLOWN and I realized that all the reasons I previously taught were awesome pale in comparison with this.

Crypto is the revolution of Austrian Economics.
Even if 95% of people in crypto space don’t know about it.

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Nodoubt cryptocurrency is the future. However goverments will still try to rule with their taxation.


cryptocurrencies will not be the future as long as the the great mayority of humankind does not know how to open an email.

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Cryptocurrencies have a long way to go. Not all people are able to take advantage of the technology as you and me. Most of them don’t even know if there is anything like a cryptocurrency. So, I don’t think they are actually advancing society at a pace that we can discuss.

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It is the future because, it is a great tool. If the majority, starts to use crypto, we will have a problem. Majority, wants to transform things, to make them suit their, view of life. This does not mean that it will be good for crypto.

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Yes nicely explained.

cryptocurrency is becoming better-known and more popular throughout the entire world. Few examples here:

  • Cryptocurrency reduce the risk of fraud
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are permanent
  • Change the money transfer process
  • Give people control of their own money

Really? I thing ist the other way round. There are more frauds in Crypto than anywhere else.