Crypto currency cautions (January 2022)

A couple of things I have seen recently:

  1. Offering small amounts of “free” crypto in forums and Telegram groups. While someone’s motivation can be uncertain, be aware anyone who has your wallet address can use a blockchain explorer to find out how much you hold. While this is less of an issue for crypto which has the option to use one address per transaction (this includes Litecoin with the Litecoin Core or Electum LTC clients), this is not universally the case. Know the possibilities.

  2. Referral links and codes. While these often come with bonuses, I generally avoid these when offered by people I don’t know. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility your name could get passed on to the referrer. At this time I have only seen this with one well known crypto company but one can never really know what deals a company has done to get “influencers” onside.


That in itself is still no risk.
I like this thread as it opens eyes, hopefully people will see the threat.


As a fellow IT professional I totally support this.


  1. Seed splitting is not the same as SLIP39 (Shamir)
  2. The amount of brute force needed when most of the seed words are known is considerably less

Bitcoin Q&A: Why is Seed Splitting a Bad Idea?

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Caution is necessary specially when values are involved.

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