Cross Platform Restore - Windows / Linux Wallets

I had a windows machine with Litecoin Wallet on it. Disk went down. So after time have recovered litecoin folder and also the litecoin.dat file.

Windows machine is non-usable at present so new machine is Linux Ubuntu 16.04

So Firstly I am struggling to get a working install of the GUI Wallet on Ubuntu 16.04, then secondly I cannot see where I would restore the liecoin.dat file from, which exists on Windows and to which directory on Linux
Any help appreciated

Robert A Williams

Right path for wallet.dat in litecoin ubuntu is

~/.litecoin/wallet.dat or /home/{username}/.litecoin/wallet.dat

Thanks mautematico could you point me to a resource to install litecoin wallet on Ubuntu 16.04 as struggling with that and cannot seem to find much online
Robert A Williams

I use Debian rather than Ubuntu.
But you can use this script I just worte for that propouse. It should work just fine in Ubuntu as well.

Please take a minute to read the script.
It first deletes old litecoin-qt version, if installed at /opt/litecoin
Then, it downloads v0.14.2 from official website, and extracts it to /opt/
Last, it puts uncompressed version at /opt/litecoin

After running the script, you can start litecoin by typing this on a terminal window:

Please note that, by writing files to /opt/, this script needs to be run as sudo

Hope it helps.

That’s great thanks

Works fantastic, now loading the LTC wallet

Thanks so much

You are welcome.
Hope you recover all your LTC.

Tips appreciated :blush:

Also github pull request to improve the script appreciated.