Create own wallet

How can I create my own wallet like it can be done in bitcoin using bitcoin J.Which I want to integrate in my website so users can store their litecoins

you can use Node.js and curl then embed the code with HTML to your website…there are a few videos on youtube about doing this in bitcoin using “bitcore” servers from bitpay…you’d just change it to use your personal litecoin node server…

I do not know all the steps but I have a few bookmarks for when I finally get time to get my feet wet with node.js…

I have kinda same question.
I want to use litecore-lib for the browser. The Github says I can use “bower” to download litecore-lib but when I try it, it replies an error “bower ENOTFOUND Package litecore-lib not found”.

This is slightly beyond my coding level as I have yet to finish the code for my wallet but it seems Like a typo on Github to me…did you try “browser” instead of “bower”?

Bower is a tool to install packages which is similar to NPM. You can see here

Thank you for a quick reply tho