CounterAttack on LTC1BTC anyone?


It’s clear LTC1BTC is trying to stop segwit activation by renting hashpower (NiceHash). So I though we can do the same thing, joining together renting hashpower with segwit support. It’s ony for 2 weeks to get segwit activated.
How do you think about that, I’m willing to invest a few hundred euro’s into litecoin to get segwit.
Are there more people willing to do that? (If I’m the only one, that will not help much) Please let me know


I decided to make it easy for others every coins received on this adress will be used to buy segwit hashpower.
I know it’s a metter of trust, but I truly want segwit for litecoin!

I already created a NiceHash account, I use Coinotron for segwit pool. The more funding the more hashpower we can generate!! (at least 1500Ghash which is the power LTC1BTC got for their attack)

Hi Pippi. Looking at the statistics @ nicehash I dont see what you see. I might be wrong but have a feeling it is brand new miners hitting the network - distributed by Jihan Wu / Bitmain to homies

True, not sure if he uses nicehash looking as the charts. But LTC1BTC has a hashrate increase from 375ghash to 1500ghash in just 1 day time…

But I think the principle works, renting temporary hashpower to activate segwit.
I do have to figure out still how much money it costs to generate 1500ghash…

so I have never used nicehash before…can I rent hashing power and point it to my wallet solo or to the pool I currently mine for or does nicehash have their own pool?

You can point it at your own pool.

cool…I will check that out


This LTC grow is an million business and perhaps is a face of BTC future.
Anybody thinking that SegWit will die this time?? LOL

Many BTC owners will invest in this hash-power-blob, but a litle bit later i think… :slight_smile:

Good Luck :wink: