Core Wallet Address Problem

When I wanted to transfer my Litecoin from Faucets and mobile wallets to the core wallet, I found that I could not copy the correct address.
This problem never appeared in my other wallets.
Address is always modified to LLgRi7cWeUUu5zpB7dekZFapB2XdRCvM4N
Like this:
(When copied from my wallet)

URI: litecoin:LLgRi7cWeUUu5zpB7dekZFapB2XdRCvM4N
地址: LLgRi7cWeUUu5zpB7dekZFapB2XdRCvM4N
Its also happened in my DASH wallet.
Was my computer attacked?!

You seem to me (others chime in here) that this is a scam and that any address you put in on LTC for your wallet just goes to the modified wallet. So your computer, could be hacked…I’d check. But likely the scam LTC faucet is just setup to only pay themselves and not you. :frowning:

just saying.if you want to make money in crypto and/or LTC or BTC or whatever…my view is go to your attic and take all the stuff you are too lazy to sell or give away and put them on eBay…and then just take that and put it into crypto. When I get around to doing such I simply match all the fees and shipping to make it an easy way to put crypto in the bank for a hopeful pump. I’d do this as a way to get LTC…just as much time likely…but the pay is way, way better. If it works you have a nice empty attic to make into a rec room, if not, and LTC/BTC/Crypto goes bust and beanie baby…you still have an empty attic and can make a rec room! win/win. I’d waste my time more on eBay sales, boring they may be than any crypto or LTC faucet, but the pay is 1000 times better than faucet dust…even if in the unlikely event you find one that is legit. :slight_smile: