Core wallet wont 2 LTC in it

Hru all?
I previously had Omnilite wallet i didnt properly shutdown more than few time. Upon what i read, I believe it is corrupted.
Uninstalled it(backed up the whole folder with wallet.dat) and installed The litecoin core walllet to play with MWEB but it wont sync. It is stuck to that date and time.
I did the install/uninstall 3 times. It always reopens with my 2 LTC even though i didnt replaced the wallet.dat file.
I dont think i can send my 2 LTC to litewallet till it is synced
Dont know what to do and dont want to mess with my precious

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  1. Make sure you got 18.2

  2. Patience on resync

  3. You can redirect the default data path by putting a litecoin.conf file in your Litecoin Folder (defaulted in %AppData%) - in the file write:


This is the simplest way I’ve found to make sure I have a clean slate on the resync.

hope this helps

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Thanks a lot. Ill get on it asap

Litecoin core from 18 to 21 needs now a full resync of blockchain.
Delete the blocks and chainstate folders and start syncing new.
Should work

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I have 0.18.2 but didnt not work I guess cuz it is an omnilite core wallet
I was only deleting Blocks folder and not chainstate
Full resync almost finished

Thank you both for the help provided