Copy-Trading Module for Litecoin Margin Trading

Within the next 3-4 months, PrimeXBT is projected to integrate Covesting’s propriety copy-trading module into its margin trading platform.

Already, PrimeXBT offers the industry’s highest leverage of up to 100x to all of the top 5 major cryptos including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS. Furthermore, the platform recently added new and traditional financial instruments in 30+ of the world’s leading markets in FX, commodities, and stock indices.

The copy-trading feature comes as an addition to the platforms extensive feature suite and will work in conjunction with all of PrimeXBT’s available assets and leveraging possibilities.

The new copy-trading module will allow traders to review and select the best-rated and most profitable professional traders to copy, after which their account will autonomously mimic the professional trader’s actions. Simultaneously, the professional trader being copied amplifies their profits by allowing others to copy their trades.

Copy-trading advantages:

Novice traders can immediately start trading with the same win/loss ratio as the very best in the business, meanwhile learning and observing them in action.

And simultaneously…

Professional traders can create their own fund portfolio and allow other traders to copy them, thus significantly increasing their trading income by earning a commission from each of the trader’s profits who copied them.

PrimeXBT’s existing margin trading feature and its array of available assets, teamed with the possibility of copy-trading (or being copied), presents a number of new and exciting avenues for traders to significantly increase their profit potential.