instant multi-cryptocurrency converter



My Project

What is it?
It’s a currency converter. And crypto tracking site.

How do I use it?
Go to website with your browser PC or your mobile or tablet

Why should I care?

  • You can quickly see the value of your litecoin, or altcoin using the exchange rates of each currency.
  • you can also check historical rates of each pair

How do I get help?
Reply this thread. Feedback are welcome

Get CoinYEP at


Now CoinYEP has some widgets with cryptocurrency exchange rates.
Widget are available for each couple of criptocurrencies or fiat


Sample code for Bitcoin to Litecoin widget

<coinyep-price-widget from="BTC" to="LTC" lang="en"></coinyep-price-widget><script src="" ></script>

There are another Widget, display top criptocurrencies
Allows you to show up to 10 cryptocurrencies.

This is a sample code. Copy and paste this into where you want the widget to be.

<coinyep-widget-list list="BTC,XRP,ETH,XLM,USDT,EOS" currency="USD" lang="en"></coinyep-widget-list><script src="" ></script>

We hope is useful.