Coins disappear after enscription

I have installed Litecoin Core wallet - It has synchronised - then I have send my Litecoin from other wallet to LC core (LMnNPWvoNEcmVM1KRaFu7SHgKVpZtWmWfc) - coins came and the I decided to enscrypt my wallet - I have set 10-digit password and repeated it - then wallet said than it shold be closed and restarted - after restart it synchronised a litte bit and I saw 0 LTC on my balance and empty transaction field! After restart receive adress was automaticaly changed into another ant every time I open wallet it add one new adress, but my first is not there. I didn’t make a back up, because it was just seeting a password and I’ve never expect result like that.

Sorry for my english, please help my to find out!

Thanks in advance!

can you post the address where the coins are?