CoinGate Litecoin Challenge!

This year appears to be highly intriguing for the cryptocurrency community. At the high time of Bitcoin scaling debates, our team at CoinGate, a Bitcoin and Altcoin payments company, decided to refrain from getting concerned with Bitcoin politics too deeply.

Instead, we have developed a few challenges for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to remind the essence of the original Blockchain. Since July 1st, we have published Bitcoin Challenges that aimed to test knowledge and skills of those fond of Bitcoin & Blockchain. Our geeky riddles reached substantial interest from the cryptocommunity, and were even covered by Bitcoin Magazine

Typically, our riddles were focused on Bitcoin and its Blockchain, with elements of cryptography and steganography. The first person to find the solution, typically a private key to a Bitcoin address, could claim the reward.

With upcoming events of August 1, we have decided to slightly change our Challenge and make it revolve around Litecoin, the cryptocurrency that has already gone through scaling and SegWit implementation without too many political power-struggles.

Therefore, we encourage all the Litecoin enthusiasts to test their well-roundedness in Litecoin and its Blockchain, have a chance to win some LTC and have fun!

**The CoinGate Challenges go live on the 1st of August, at 18 PM UTC on our website.

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