Coinbase buying limits!

i’m really frustrated that coinbase limits my buying account to $750.00. then when i tried to raise the limits it asked me a bunch of questions that have nothing to do with me and then said it can’t verify my account and i can try again in 24hrs! WTF!

so i’m looking for another litecoin seller but can’t find one. any suggestions?

I suspect the “bunch of questions that have nothing to do with me” could possibly have been one of the newer credit bureau identification schemes: They ask a raft of questions that are 95% bogus, like cars and loans you’ve never had, then they throw in a real one or two. I’ve taken the quiz where only one or two questions out of twenty applied to me.

You might want to try it again, exercising patience and reading very carefully. (Then again, I could certainly be mistaken).

thanks for the reply… some of the questions were unanswerable that pertained to streets that i never heard of et… i couldn’t even fathom a guess. it’s really screwy…

Yeah, I don’t think you’re associating the questions with the goal of the questions: They’re trying to fish someone pretending to be you into making an affirmative wrong answer. Of course you nave no problem identifying the garbage questions, but they make them sound reasonable enough to fool a hacker.

yes, i know the garbage questions and i tried leaving them blank but that didn’t work. how the heck are we supposed to proceed? i’m really angry with coinbase. they are costing me a lot of money!!!

Well it came as a shock to me when I tried to move some of my coins from my Vault into my Wallet, and found out it takes 48 hours!
Beware of things that are free, there are hidden costs.