Coin recovery...older wallet versions needed...can anyone help?


I seriously need a copy of version 8 litecoin core wallet for linux or windows 64 bit…does anyone out there have a copy of version 8 so I can recover these coins…plesase help me out…These coins were mined with this wallet and my private keys are not comaptible with the newer wallet versions…it says the keys are “deprecated”…

anyways…anyone out there still have a copy of version 8? version 6 is incompatible with version 8 as well according to the dump file… Thanks in advance

same thing I had to do when upgrading from version 12 to 13…send coins from wallet version 12 to a new address created by version 13…I know this is an older openssl issue that has been solved but the only way I can get these coins back is with my version 8 keys…


You can download the source code of any version here:
However, you need to compile it on your own. Should work under Linux with some little effort.


thank you sooo much…I never knew that page was there…i will be doing this asap


Did it work out?


I have not gotten a chance to try it on my customers wallets yet but the last time I did this…it only worked in order to obtain the private key that was generated using the older method and is no longer supported with newer wallets (version 13+)…then a raw transaction is created and signed with the private key in order to send the coins to a newer wallet
I will update as I get a chance to recover my customers wallets using this method as I am currently running password crackers with no luck…
however I am currently in the middle of moving to a new place and don’t currently have a few hours to spend at the computer at the moment…
I will be spending a few hours at least getting the older version compiled today for this particular case and will update as progress continues
Currently I am finding it hard to find a copy that will compile with kali linux in particular