Charlie Lee?Why isn't the smart contract progressing?

I saw in 2017 that smart contracts will be deployed in litecoin. It seems that there is no new progress. I don’t know what new plans litecoin will have in the future. At present, the exchange rate between litecoin and bitcoin has dropped five times. I’m a little disappointed…


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Hi, I don’t think there will be smart contract on litecoin network. Litecoin has one and only one purpose which is payment and development will only go to improve this. Smart contract are great but also create security issues. That said other network like Etherium and Binance Smart Chain allow you to pegged your LTC and get a wrapped token which you can use with smart contract.

I just feel that this will make litecoin have no characteristics or be different from other currencies. Don’t you find that litecoin is far behind other new currencies and bitcoin? The exchange rate has also been falling, which makes some people who want to hold litecoin for a long time choose to hold BTC