Can't recover LTC from a transaction that didn't work

Hey guys,

I’m new here i am not sure if the questions has been asked in the past or not… I was mining 2 years ago and got back into it recently. I had an old LTC wallet and tried to transfer 10LTC to an exchange. The problem is the transaction went out of my wallet but never reached the exchange site (cryptopia). After looking online, i noticed my wallet was outdated. I also check the blockchain and it says that i still have all my litecoins (can’t see my last transaction so i guess it didn’t go through.) How do i get my 10 LTC back now ? It seems like it’s stuck somewhere between my wallet and the exchange site.

Thank you,

do a google search for litecoin block explorer and copy and paste the address in there and it will tell you if your coins ever arrived at the address and if they did and they never showed in your account on that website then the website ripped you off…

I did check the blockchain and the transaction was not completed. I then looked at the transaction in my wallet and found out i could abandon a transaction which i did and got the coins back ! All is good now