Can't get Litecoin wallet for mac


Hi, I have a macbook pro 2011 with the latest osx on it. I have tried several times to download and install the wallet but it doesn’t work. Error network, no datas to download. I have a back up but I can’t use it without the wallet. Can someone help me ?


if it is showing a network error then your firewall is not allowing incoming connections and your wallet will not sync unless you allow incoming connections to your node…
try this …open the wallet and under options select “Map Ports using UPnP” then restart the client (wallet)


Thanks a lot for your answer but my problem is not there. I can’t reinstall the program on my computer. I mean the wallet… it doesn’t work and i don’t know why.
I’ll try several links but at the end, none were working…


Hi! Are you using this wallet ?
People also say that Jaxx works nicely on MacOS and iOS