Can't connect to Electrum or Exodus Wallets

I have a macbook air operating OSX.

I’ve downloaded and installed both Electrum and Exodus.

Electrum: I’ve setup the wallet but I can’t connect to any of the servers. I’ve tried autoconnecting and then manually trying many of them with no luck. It displays “not connected” in the bottom left corner. This is frustrating as I know the litecoins are actually in the wallet but I can’t access them.

Exodus: I have no currency in here but I can’t connect (seemingly). Everything just displays a continual “loading” screen.

I’m thinking this must be an issue with my laptop? I have however checked the firewall and it is turned off.

Help greatly appreciated, thanks.

I have the same problem with Electrum. Some say to uncheck SSL and manually choose the server. I am on Mac as well. I still cant connect. I have seen many similar complaints from others.