Cannot Restore Wallet: Have Seed and Master Public Key

I opened an old wallet today on Electrum LTC and the password I have is wrong so I can’t move the LTC. No problem I figure, just restore from the 12 word seed. I have the seed on a printed piece of paper. I entered the 12 words into the Android Lite Wallet (didn’t want to mess with the Electrum wallet) and it states the seed words are wrong. I double-checked the Master Public Key to make sure the printed paper matches the one on my Electrum LTC wallet and it does.

I’m baffled at the moment on how I can have the seed words on the same printed paper as the correct MP Key yet the seed words seem to be incorrect.

Any thoughts besides “dude, you typed the wrong seed words”.which seems really unlikely.

Solved the above (somewhat). I found the correct password and was able to operate wallet. Oddly though, I checked the seed words once I had access to the wallet and they were the ones I had typed up (mentioned in OP)! Why they would not work in the LTC Android wallet restore I have no idea. Yes, I typed them in the correct order as well. Strange…

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Glad the problem was solved, Sometimes there are technical issues even though everything is in order, there are some issues.