Canceling transaction gone to wrong address?


I was transferring LTC from Kraken to my hardware wallet, and sent it to my BTC address (meaning the recipient address is an LTC one that is not mine, but that is spelled the same as my BTC ; seems multisig LTC addresses and BTC both start with 3). Is it possible to cancel the transaction ? tx id is : 2f52ac6944d527ff0d0fd1deed6f951bf24c2d6140046a7c9d550f5aba866229

looks like the transaction already confirmed so no you cannot cancel a confirmed transaction
is this the LTC address you sent it to? : 34dAQXdxGavxPyM5CdJRHfaatzVSoedikd
blockcypher says that transaction created two outputs one of 19 LTC to 34dAQXdxGavxPyM5CdJRHfaatzVSoedikd which is currently unspent at posting time…I am assuming this is the multisig address your talking about…do you have the private key for it?
the other output is 24.77…to this address: LL4evPe4SydyatZPUEWZGo1hG1MRRWCQAn which is spent already…

LTC to BTC shouldn’t confirm but if it did then you need to try importing the address with the unspent output to your wallet using your private key for that multisig address

also you may be able to recover them using python wallet but only if you have the private key to the multisig address with the unspent output

thanks for your reply @bakd247 , the address I sent it to is indeed the first one (34dAQXdxGavxPyM5CdJRHfaatzVSoedikd)
It is not LTC to BTC per say ; it is LTC to LTC, but where the destination address is similar to a BTC address as they are using the same structure. I do not have the private key of the 34dAQXdxGavxPyM5CdJRHfaatzVSoedikd LTC address (I have the BTC one), as far as I am aware, it might very well not belong to anyone at all.

multisig address are similar but the blockchains are two different blockchains so it wouldn’t have confirmed if you sent it to a bitcoin address…the transaction doesn’t show up on the bitcoin chain anyway…if you have the private key for that address (34dAQXdxGavxPyM5CdJRHfaatzVSoedikd) then you have the private key for litecoins that belong to that address…that address was never created on the bitcoin blockchain