Can I run litecoin client with the same wallet.dat on different computers?

Hello, I’m new here and I’m a big fan of litecoin. I use Litecoin Core to run a full node on my computer. Now I have a second computer, can I save the wallet.dat from my first computer and import it to the Litecoin Core on my second computer? What will happen if I run Litecoin Core with the same wallet.dat on two computers at the same time? Will new incoming LTC to my wallets be displayed on the Litecoin Core on both computers? What will happen if I send LTC with both clients at the same time? Will this result in a double spend?


No problem to copy wallet.dat on another computer. Just install client on second computer. Start client and after that close client again. Find wallet.dat at %appdata% and replace new wallet.dat with your. After that need a little till you get update your new client.

  • nothing will hapen if you run client on both computers.
  • yes you will be able to see your incoming LTC on both clients just need to update both of them
  • i think it will be a double spend if you do at the same time. if you will to know just test it. Create another LTC address in
    your wallet and send some LTC to new address :wink: