Can anyone help

On the 16th May, I sent 109.4 litecoin to the liteoin address
Lgu1Xn4rw2TA4ydFVvABHYB7zrtKkEeztM using website. The information given on the website indicate exchanging litecoin to real money using paypal. Since May till date, I have not received the exchange or my 109.3 litecoins.
The Litecoin has been processed with transaction ID 963fff67d66d550b163df8809ba3bd3b2e1687d3b0f380e7400f399a24019b31 and was once live on
I have been writing, emailing and phoning the customer support contact provided on the website but there has been no response. Can anyone help me to recover these litecoins?

difficult situation but this sounds to me like you have been scam,

There must be a way to get the litecoin back, right?