BW 28nm new LTC miner any info?

BW made a tweet about a new litecoin miner says to contact them for any info. I shot off an email but thought I’d ask here if anyone knows anything about the miner.

550MH and 950W from 28nm? sounds fishy to say the least! From 14-16nm sure but from 28? Lets wait and see. I couldn’t find any info on their website though and the spec sheet on twitter looks pretty amateur. It says 550MH and next line says 50MH! They either forgot a 5 or added a 5!

They do make good chips and a reputable company but yeah I agree that sounds fishy. I also wouldn’t trust their “interest” bearing wallet. Even if they are legit they are based in China and ■■■■ can happen, like freeze on ability to withdraw. No reason to trust anyone else with your crypto, I don’t even hold my coins on exchanges.
Anyway hopefully we get some more competition and more miners selling but that does sound fishy. Did you find anything about price or a release date?

Well that’s not always a win win situation. The more miners are available the higher the hashing rate, higher the difficulty so you make less money, lower ROI etc. Like bitmain for example is selling miners like toasters lately. Look at the difficulty rate for litecoin how it spiked every time a batch from bitmain comes out.
Sure it’s good to have some competition but in my opinion they should limit production to protect their customers.
Someone on twitter posted a price for this BW miner but it is in some currency that I have never heard of! Maybe it’s Chinese money … don’t know :slight_smile:

I hear you on the difficulty, still don’t want one company to have a monopoly on mining chips. Then they can dictate who can and can’t mine and the price of miners ect. Too much control over a decentralized protocol, so still think competition is good, just not too many miners please :grinning: