Buy l3+ miner big quantity


I am looking to buy between 200 and 350 l3 + miner, is there anyone here who can provided me this quantity?
Because I do not want to wait bitmain.

thank you


bitmain is the company manufacturing the l3 and the only batch is currently being made and is currently sold out…ships at end of august…you will not find anyone in possession of any l3s (at least the newest batch the 400 watter) until then
and they are the only ones making l3’s…want to not use bitmain…buy a different piece of hardware…

hello bakd247,
Do you know where I can find other similar miner for LTC ?
I’m looking to invest about 200k

I already talk with bitmain and they said I won’t be able to get my l3+ before the end of September

So if you know other company that kind provide similar product I would be glad to know witch one.

thank you

ebay is probably your best bet for starters…Still waiting for to restock their shelves too…

but where ever you go to get that much hashing power…take a look at the Innosilicon A2 Terminator (110-mh/s @ 1200 watts ) or anything from Innosilicon is considered a premium hasher as of right now besides bitmain…for Litecoin / scrypt coins anyway…There are some companies using SFARDS chips and making superior hashers as well but they cost about $5000 -$ 8000 each but put out 1 GH/s on scrypt

We do have L3+ miners but not this large quantity. Please provide your email and we shall respond to your query.

good here is my email

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I just sent you an email.

I already reply

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Good day to all.
Monday 17.07 ready for shipment.
Requirements of the Chinese partners: 100% advance payment for reservation
Monday can be reserved.
two options:
Option 1:

  1. L3+ 540 MH/s - 4 700$ send 18 Sep (number on request)
  2. S9 - 2 200$ - dispatch on September 10 ( 200 pieces)

Option 2:

  1. L3+ 540 MH/s - 5 300$ send, 28 July ( 500 pieces) IN STOCK
  2. S9 - 2 150$ - dispatch on 21 September (400 pieces)
    Shipping from Russia is calculated to the destination of customer
    Whatsapp +7 988 629 00 38 email:

â– â– â– â–  you you suka blyat debil idi naxui !!!

I want to sell only 2 Antminer L3+, I bought and run in my house 2 weeks ago

hello tungfapfap,
send me a email with your price for the 2 lt+ miner without the power supply.

my email:

thank you need 2 x l3+ 100% and a strong possibility of a third one

send me a email with your price for the 2( L3+ miner) with the power supply.
and date for shipping

i have 110 pieces if you need contact my on whatsup 009647501130236

Hello sir,

How much for the batch and where are you from ?

Thank you

Hello. We can provide Antminers L3+.
Sent your requset via
Skype: Live:rxcrypto_1

I’ve already bought pre-order of L3 + on bitmain official site.

If anyone is interested in buying it, this is the link:


Antminer L3+ - 504 MH/s - Spedizione a Ottobre | eBay

Antminer L3+ - 504 MH/s - Spedizione a Ottobre | Monete e banconote, Monete virtuali, Miniere | eBay!
I will be sent to the end of October and I will send it to you as soon as I receive it

You can pay with paypal

For now I have sold it only in Italy but if anyone is interested in extending it in Europe

ice me 718421329 i have 500 l3 + miner avalinle