Bought LTC but coins are not showing in the wallet. Reward offered

Dear All,

This is the first time I bought LTC.
I downloaded the Standalone Executable electrum-ltc-

They gave me a wallet, I bought coins, gave them my receiving adress, and thought all was ok.
my receiving adress: LSrd4aDwPX1P5e3jAYEDCi9c4mJzontcV2
To my suprice I still have no coins in my wallet, plus it is already 2-3 weeks ago.

My Electrum wallet seems to be offline, and unable to connect:

I have tried to instal the windows installer from Electrum, but if I put my seed in there, I will get a different receive adress, and no coins are showing. (It does show that it is online in this wallet)

I dont know what to do… Someone please help, I offer 1 LTC to the helper.
Many thanks in advance.

I have solved my issue.
threath is closed.

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What did you do to fix your issue? Mine is not connecting Ubuntu Linux