🔥 BotCompare — reviews of crypto trading bots


Hey guys!

We’ve been trading on different cryptocurrency exchanges for a long time are really surprised that there’s no comprehensive overview of crypto trading bots. That’s why, we’re launching BotCompare — a rating platform for crypto trading bots. :robot:


Basically what we do:

— Choose a crypto trading bot;
— Deposit an amount of money;:moneybag:
— Start testing it;
— Make a short video reviewing how it is working. :raised_hands:

We’re doing it for the sake of the community development, so you use our analytics for free.

Also, if you have a bot in mind you’d like to test — text it to us. Thank you so much. :man_student:



New review is LIVE — this time it is 3commas trading bot: https://botcompare.top/3commas

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An interesting bot needs to explore the site in more detail. Thank! What else is there?:мышление: