Blackrock going back on their word

Black rock has started to allow institutional investors to buy Bitcoin. So far Blackrock currently has over 10 trillion dollars in assets under management.

I remember the company saying something about it just being used for money laundering in 2017… How quickly things change.


The BlackRock Crane CEO also adores importing as many H1-B Visa workers to displace the USA position in the World

BlackRock CEO and Bill Gates discussed how much money they would need to transform the economy into Hydrogen, before the Ukraine War

During their plotting session they settled upon around 50 Trillion Dollars or something

BlackCrack CEO knows it’s only used for Money Laundering because HE KNOWS it’s his Off-Shore Accounts manipulating the BTC Price based upon it’s own Off-Shore Money Laundering Operations

New gen marches in and there you go all kinda weird things happen.