Bitcoin VS Litecoin

Bitcoin and Litecoin share most of the same attributes; they’re decentralized cryptocurrencies with similar purposes and visions. Charlie Lee launched Litecoin upon popular demand for such a platform in the ecosystem. Litecoin was primarily anointed as the lite version of Bitcoin; therefore, Litecoin adopts many attributes and properties from its predecessor.

What’s your take on this & how do you predict their future?

Litecoin constantly is in the top 5 cryptos by volume / liquidity. It has a wider community spread than Bitcoin. It adopts technological advances - like Segwit - faster than Bitcoin.

Think of it as Visa and Mastercard. You would not leave house with just one card. You take both cards to have a choice if one card will not work in that shop or restaurant. Which we had experienced with Bitcoin late 2017. People had to use Litecoin to get their transfers settled.

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Yeah, i agree, So in the end using the both of them side by side is more smarter chocie.

Originally Charlie Lee “marketed” LTC as “silver to bitcoin’s gold” but I think as the years pass the shine has started to faint a little.

Still, it has all the potential to be currency even though the crypto volatility is counter working that.

I really think that it is wise to use them both. It’s just better than having to choose between them. both are useful and valuable. each also has an advantage over the other so I really think that it can be better if people had both of these.

Les deux ont leurs utilités , bitcoin comme réserve de valeur ( on s échange rarement des pieces d or ou des lingots) et litecoin comme argent pour la vie courante ( virement, ou paiement dans les commerces) .

I like both. Started using Bitcoin but lately I’ve been interested in Litecoin and want to use both instead of only focusing on one.

I like the way it doesn’t weigh down your pockets as much.

With BTC doing so well at the moment it’s hard to see but I see LTC as a decent hedge still.

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I agree

After reading your post, thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel happy about it and I love learning more about this topic