Big Bang To Restructure The Only Gaming Industry With Loyalty Tokens


The virtue of loyalty programs is restricted by their segregation from one another. All in all, a single loyalty program cannot win the deprived online gamers worldwide, who may be a part of numerous such programs that are more or less the same. Gamers already know about it, they are smarter than ever as they have more choices to choose from. A single service that is very similar to each other cannot entertain the gamers for a long run, no matter how much incentives are given.

However, the blockchain technology offers the ability to completely transfigure the online gaming industry by revolutionizing the loyalty programs. Moreover, it will completely alter the relationship between the online gamers, sponsors, and the operators.

To do this, we introduce to you Big Bang Platform and Big Bang Loyalty Token. It will provide a unifying solution for the online gamers, the operators, and the ultimate loyalty program.
Big Bang and blockchain technology

Big Bang utilizes the blockchain also known as the distributed ledger technology that will undoubtedly change the future of the gaming industry. The blockchain technology shifts the focus from centralized parties towards modernized decentralized peer-2-peer network.

All the public records and transactions are linked cryptographically. These records are impossible to alter or manipulate. The blockchain provides a more secure network which is not dependent on middlemen or third parties. It gives an opportunity to all the actors an opportunity to expand and innovate their abilities and also improve the relationship between all the actors on the platform.

What is the Big Bang?
Big Bang is an online gambling platform and cryptocurrency token which is powered by blockchain which aims at providing the eSports gamers and online casino gamers with loyalty reward tokens in the ecosystem.

The in-built mechanism of Big Bang aims at fighting again fraud, illicit activities and data thefts that are quite prevalent in the industry. The platform is ideal to make new revenue resources and ensure that customer acquisition and retention is taken care of by a cross-service loyalty token. It is an all-inclusive ecosystem that will benefit all the actors on the platform with loyalty tokens and a better one-stop-shop entertainment experience for the gamers.

How will the platform restructure the entire gaming industry?
Big Bang platform will provide transparency and directness to the players and other actors involved. Utilizing the blockchain the platform will provide a complete insight into the behaviors and actions of the gamers for the operators. Consequently, the gamers can feel safe and secure as their activities and participation on the platform will be rewarded in terms of loyalty points that are not separated by a single loyalty program. With Big Bang, the data and information are 100% secure and transparent. It will provide gamers with more and more games and services on a single platform and also incentivize their activities, the sponsors will get insight into more data on which they can focus.

The gamers will get incentivized for their activities in terms of loyalty tokens that will be cryptographically secured in Big Bang wallet. The wallet can be accessed using private hash keys.
The Big Bang Token is an Ethereum (ERC20) token which will be secured in an ERC20 compatible wallet. Big Bang wallet will be different for all gamers. The Big Bang Tokens can be traded or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies via public exchanges or by Big Bang’s in-built exchange called DEX. This will benefit the gamers as the can easily trade the tokens. It will also establish that the loyalty points are not just restricted to activities, but a clear and transparent relationship is established between the BBT, as loyalty points, as well as other currencies including fiat.

Now you can be a part of this amazing gaming ecosystem and earn as much as loyalty tokens. The pre-sale has already started on 1st July and will last till 30th September 2018. Gamers across the world have already shown their keen interest towards the platform. So, wait no more, play more and earn more!

Token Sale Detail:
Token Name: Big Bang
Token Symbol: BBT
Currency: ETH, BTC
Total Token Supply: 500,000,000
Hard Cap: $25, 000, 000
Soft cap: $1,000,000
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH= 300 BBT