Best setup for mining

Hey guys trying to start in the mining business what the best setup and most profitable.
Thanks in advance

Bitmain L3 at 250mh and 400w is the best at this moment. But pretty much at 10c kwh more then 1.4 years to ROI
at flat difficulty. If you have electric at around say 5c kwh you maybe would make ROI in a year plus…but me at 10c kwh in winter and 14c kwh in summer I’m basically out…at least at this flat LTC price and the large difficulty hump of these L3’s going out like toasters.

Trouble with Bitmain stuff is the put it in their own data halls first …then the chinese market next …then to usa/world market last …add 1 month to order and ship and hell you are 3 months behind the above.

Anyway how I see it lately

I look at it slightly differently. There has been an substantial increase in LTC hashrate recently with new scrypt miners coming up for sale. Increase in hashrate shows increased interest in the coin (and large investments) and is usually followed by price rises.

I think the main problem is that long term LTCers are discouraged by the flat price, it has been like that for a long time and gives rise to the belief that LTC price will stay stagnant, but things can change rapidly in crypto as anyone who has been in it for a while knows.

We had a false start for segwit signalling a few days ago and that already caused a little jump in LTC price, if segwit gets 75% vote and is activated it has been stated by some BTCers that they would port over their segwit BTC code to LTC and we could possibly see an influx of BTC into LTC pushing the price further.

Once the price starts moving up market forces will take over. I clearly remember around mid 2013 when I was buying up cheap LTC and everyone thought I was mad but just a few months later we had the HUGE bubble.

It’s happened before so it can happen again especially with new developments such as segwit and lightning.

I’m cautiously optimistic


I hope you are correct. But I remember the 2015 death of BTC home miner difficulty pump…KNC Neptunes at 10k a pop …getting hammered and within 9 months say end of life due to massive difficulty rise and end of home btc mining…if you have 6c or below electric you may have a shot…but without that you are praying for price pump and or bitmain not to put them out like toasters…(its bitmain they will imho go out like toasters…then even more toasters… ie new models…see the way they run out bitcoin machines)

So anyway without an angle at this point in time besides BTC price pump and hope LTC comes long, I"m sitting on my hands…Anyway …I think these L3’s are gonna become L4’s by bitmain soon they were pushing these things in China in Dec…so I assume there will be an annoucement say may/june of an L4 …I will likely wait at this point in time till this expected difficulty wave of the first scrypt miner in 2-3 years comes to rest on the network…just trying to ‘float’ like the rest of you all and not get slamed into the sea bed…

again…that is the bet…I really hope bitmain holds off on volume of L3’s and or other toaster like endeavors in mass (for its own good for their own large data halls has some months between models to mine at a set difficulty…(again bitmain yech unlikely imho) and/or they can’t get chips in mass enough (hope hope) and/or the price of LTC will follow BTC…to the old 0.006 and above ratio…but with other alts that may not happen either at above the current 0.004 ltc to btc ratio
there is more alts then just ltc for this game of ‘guess the coin pump’ now then in 2015

thus I wait…I did what you all did and took a chance on difficulty and price on the original knc 550gh jupiter in 2013 and watched knc pump out their own data hall stuff and knc btc neptune miners next and blamo death on a btc bed it was…

Now we have had the first generation stuff like knc titan scrypt and alcheminer and A2 and others…works for a bit…now we have massive amounts possible of 2nd generation devices for LTC scrypt…so thus with that much demand I think we are gonna get swamped and even the L3 may have problems and never ROI like my soon to be dead titans.

holding on till fall and watching …keeping powder dry at this point…if after this surge of difficulty and L3’s become L4’s I may consider something (or not)

Then again 1.5k BTC and my friggin Titans can make it till December or beyond (free heat) so with the right price ANYTHING is possible…so again we too serve bitcoin and litecoin who shudder in fear on the sideline benches and hoard coin :slight_smile:

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