Best Pools for L3+ (LiteCoinPool.Org/ NiceHash) Other Curiosities

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Simple question I was looking at the prospective income for an L3+ that ought to be on its way. I was GPU mining using the Nicehash pool/ network and so natrually was going to stay on there though I noticed they only payout in BTC where I was interested in having actual litecoin. (I rounded down the figures) So looking at CryptoCompare and it suggested about $400PM possibly whereas gave a figure of $300PM. I understand that with NiceHash you are able to make more due to them selling the hashing power as well as mining though its suggesting $600PM in todays market. So I was wondering since the discrepancy is so large why are people using the pool and benefits if any over using NiceHash and then using your higher income to buy LiteCoins.

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I’m wondering the same thing… I’ve been using I wonder if I’m making a mistake.

prohashing is less stable…but I make 50 bucks more a day usually on that then litecoinpool, I was there for years

i use litecoinpool as my backup (running 7500 mh on prohashing w/scrypt and 35gh on X11)

I use litecoinpool as my backup to prohashing …it is stable enough to mine as backup some ‘dust’ each day

just try it see the results…the thing can crash …it did so yesterday…they are usually good about payback if it did

not bounce to your backup pool

again I’m mining full out all my stuff for LTC now…I expect LTC to go between $100 to $300 eventually if BTC price
of many flavors combines floats above 7.5k to 8,k

anyway, my bet

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I believe in Lite coin too and its increasing future as from the ground up it is capable of much more so thats why I was interested in mining the Scrypt algo. Do you think I ought to use nicehash as a primary income and then convert the BTC I get offve it into LTC. Then as my third backup pool point it to the litecoin pool

Just tried to sign up, process seem like it was working, then in hung, refreshed and got:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

:sweat_smile: it does look like it will payout better, just calculating based on the 1mhs payout figures on the homepage, looks promising. I think I’ll be switching to Prohashing as my primary and as my backup like @Searing .

So for the sake of getting a Direct USD Payment ProHashing.Com would be a good idea?. Does seem like theyre working on Stability?

oops…forgot PH Is not taking NEW accounts due to problems…if you have an old account you can get in

as I said…they usually reimburse on bad days…and on good days with 7500mh scrypt-pow I make 50 bucks more
a day on them then litecoinpool direct (my backup pool)

thus at my size…I put up with it for that reason…also have x11 miners on their mining to LTC all goes to payout in LTC