Available: 4 D3 Miners

Decided to make a new post, the old one I couldn’t edit any longer and the buyer, unfortunately, flaked on me.

They are still boxed up, but IN HAND. Ready to ship. PSUs are not included, but I have ordered some if you wish to pay for them as well. $1650 each. If you want me to forward the PSUs when they come it is 2 2880w units, about $250 each.
If you buy all 4 I will pay for shipping. Option of pickup if you are in Montana (lol)
The PSUs I ordered are these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/172860726774

UNITS IN HAND. UNUSED, IN BOXES. $1650. All 4 $6500. PSU can be forwarded once delivered at my cost. Get them faster than from bitmain by going through me. ESCROW REQUIRED through CollinCrypto until they are in your hands.

PM me if interested. Thank you

they are selling for $500 each on www.bitcointalk.org that seems to be what folk
are willing to pay

not sure how long even $500 each will last…there are 4 batches of D3’s yet in the wind and probably
2 batches of A5 Innsilicon 30gh units shipping now

sucks…but how it is

Well thank you for the information then, I do appreciate it. Lesson to everyone: Even someone you have faith in, require a deposit lol ~.~

yeah it sucks…I have 2 of the beasts…