Assistance to Ukrainians who were left without housing

Hi, I’m in a very scary situation. My house was destroyed, I was left homeless. All my relatives don’t know where. Very, very scary. Help as many as you can:

[redacted by mod]

We use the Internet and charge the phone in the bomb shelter
Many people write to us that we can apply to the blog charity fund for Refugees from Ukraine. But it doesn’t work and it doesn’t help. And it helps only relatives or friends of this fund. Everyone else does not see any help from this fund “REFUGEES OF UKRAINE”

Please provide more information regarding your situation. There are people that may be able to help you. There is no need to spam or flood the forum with messages. I have silenced you for one day, so hopefully you’ll be able to reply again on Friday.

I have removed the Bitcoin address. This forum is not an appropriate place to solicit donations.

I have donated to Ukraine through established organisations like Chabad-Lubavitch. There are a bunch of options so I suggest people choose one which suits them.


Totally agree!!

Heart goes out to Ukraine but they’ll receive organised help through official charities and organisations.

If anyone wishes to donate please do so through the proper channels and not from a post in a forum or via an individual making contact. Scammers have no shame and will use this to tug at heart strings.

Good afternoon, what exactly do you need to provide? All your public organizations cannot help us Ukrainians. And if they help those people who are nearby. If you really want to help me and all my fellow countrymen. Prove it in practice. The fact that the funds will reach people in need of help, I promise and guarantee this to you, I will send you video and photo reports. And a list of all the people you will help. Please help me not to remain indifferent. In such a difficult time for us Ukrainians. All the good of the world. thank you in advance.

Again, anyone wishing to make a donation please do so through official channels and not to someone who joined a forum 2 days just to ask for money.

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I’m always wary and doubtful of people and institutions asking for donations. To put it simply: Why should anyone believe your claims? Why should someone donate to you?

I think that you probably don’t need money right away, it won’t make a difference if you receive the donations today or five days from now on, since the shops are closed in the middle of a war zone. You could use that time to properly present yourself and possibly start business relationships that will provide you the money that you’re looking to earn. So, introduce yourself so that you may have a chance to start doing business.


I have donated multiple times to various fundraisers for Ukraine.

I have also dished out stern warnings about removal of anyone who uses this forum to platform the aggressor’s war propaganda.

So not sure there is anything more tangible I can do at this point. If you have an idea you are welcome to suggest something in this thread or by private message.

But I can not set a precedent for individuals asking for donations here. Sorry.

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I have already donated a lot and I will donate more in the coming time too. But if you tell me about any random name to donate my money to, I am sorry, I am out of it.