Are there any good and reliable Litecoin faucets out there anymore?

I haven’t used a faucet in years so if anyone knows any solid ones for LTC that would be awesome!
Does anybody know?


I looked at - but haven’t seen if it does ltc.

Following thread, interested as well.


No. Most common thing is to have you do a say an hours work on the faucet only to find out that
you need like 1800 hours to pay out…common scam…they have a lot of people try the LTC or BTC faucet for like 10 min …give up…collect all the BTC dust and disapear…rinse/wash/repeat…if enough dummies
waste their life on this…that is a lot of LTC or BTC dust to scoop up. Been this way for 7-8 years.



Update: after 2 months of using an app that shows me ads and ‘spin the wheel’ prizes I got 108,000 litoishi from it…

That is 0.17 USD

17 cents… for 2 months of ad watching

Better to just work a job, get fiat and buy LTC

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