Are my Litecoins with BTC-e?

A few years ago, myself an a group of my friends bought litecoins though BTC-e, we didnt really follow what was going on for a couple of years, leaving it to one guy to keep us informed. Now, we are all fully aware what happened to BTC-e and obviously due to the site going down we are now completely in the dark as the whether we still have litecoins or how to go about retrieving them if we do?

If anyone can shed any light on the situation I/we would much appreciate it, many thanks

Same happened to me. I found out that my account now lives at They bought out (?) BTC-e and, while I don’t think all coin is restored, most should be available.

Thanks for responding Erica, I will try the site you’ve given us and see how I get on. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. Much appreciated