Anyone actually bought from RXcrypto CO

Anyone bought anything from these guys RXcrypto? copy and pasted part of convo from email. seems fishy AF.

6:53 PM (18 minutes ago)

to RXcrypto
where do they ship from and how do i know you are legit and not going to rip off? do you deal with escrow or list on ebay/amazon?

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RXcrypto CO
7:06 PM (4 minutes ago)

to me
We are based in China
Shipped from Bitmain
We a re-selling ASICs on Litecointalk from July so it is only your choice believe or not
Thank you for asking

Bought 1 time in September 2 S9 miners
Miners was delivered on 11 day in the box from a vacuum cleaner
I thought that this is a prank or something like that but then asked support WTF??
They said that they did it so that I wouldn’t pay taxes
10 days after I received the original boxes
Very strange but it is necessary to specify in what form it comes (think they use google translator to write emails)