Antminer L5 available on Bitdeer, not for sale yet


I noticed that there are L5’s available for cloud mining on [Bitdeer](https://bitdeer.comPreformatted text) but these are not for sale on the Antminer website. (See below)

Does anyone know anything about the Antminer L5?


Even if such a unit was 33% more effecient you’d still need like $65 LTC IMHO to even think about such
a unit.

IF the only way a miner is going to be profitable (like a 3 month pre-order as the norm) with a price pump

in LTC or scrypt-pow coins…your better off just HODL’ing LTC until sometime in the future.

Unless you have below 5c electric it would be a fool’s game IMHO even with the above 33% more in effeciency



I agree, I think there is a reason this unit is not being retailed


If you figure 1.5k usd a unit. With the current integrated PSU and L5 say, that comes out to $200 bucks shipping. Then you take the 1.5k x 2.7% import tax usa and the 25% tarriff = $1,905 add shipping and it is $2,105. At the blurb I saw on bitdeer hosting (not for sale) it was 1473mh at 1425 watts or 0.97/Jmh effiency. They say on it would pay out $2.95 a day (again see link above in this thread)

That is at FLAT never to rise difficulty a 23.38 month ROI.

Yeah…it really really does not work well if my assumption of the usual 1.5k per bitmain unit (this is with the internal psu they seem to do now) and shipping and 2.7% import tax and 25% tarriff all comes into play.

tiss a fools game indeed at $90 or so a month profit after electric




The mining contracts I have purchased from Bitdeer that use the L5 have performed better than expected thanks to the lift in the LTC price. Sub 5c electric is available but the even there the price of LTC totally needs to trend up for all this to keep being worth anything


How long is your contract locked in for?

Myself, not worth the risk in that the entire reason Bitdeer is working for you is due to the price pump…now if the price goes sideways for a bit and LTC difficulty continues to rise even modestly, depending on the length of the contract you always lose IMHO.

Also remember all the LEGIT cloud hosting places that went LEGIT bankrupt when crypto prices tanked?

the contracts were worthless and due to again, legit, bankruptcy you were holding the bag.

Nope, only type of mining i recomend is ‘attic mining’ go to attic…sell crap you would otherwise die with as

your junk hoard, and sell on ebay for ltc, btc or whatever…i myself just EAT the shipping and ebay fees

toss that into crypto as well just so I don’t have to get into accounting for fees/postage etc and do a whole

accounting of in and out. As to this attic mining…seems to work ok …at least as a way to stock away

some crypto…again, myself, may take me a year or more bit by bit…but I’m pretty sure I’ve got $5k of

crap I can let go…ASSUMING…this really is a crypto bear market and the ATH will come back someday…

anyway my 2 ltc’s worth of what I’m doing



contract is for 120 days, better rates and 360 days but that’s a long time, I had done 30, 60, and 19 day contracts and had a good experience, I am trying more in a small sample overtime to just see that they’re legit. Here’s by referral code if anyone wants to tip me:

I buy the top of the line gear when it’s going on sale, lots of people unloading at a low rate because the need liquidity

True, the junk hoard still has good margins for me thanks to low power costs. Certainly a ton of work to keep everything going but not impossible.

I am no longer working with ASICS though I’ll still have my machines, mostly mining monero now, I like how the algorithm changes, I would NOT buy the Antminer L5 but the contracts are interesting


Looks like Bitdeer removed the little info icon explaining the L5 specs, I’m sure some search engine will yield this so here are the L5 specs in the image above:

1473 MH/s
1425 W
0.97 J/MH