Antminer L3+/S9/D3 for sale & in stock by European company

BitcoinTechnologies.EU is a Bitmain distributor which has been re-selling cryptocurrency miners since March 2016. All our products have a 1 year warranty to guarantee quality.
Based in Den Haag, The Netherlands.
We currently have DISCOUNT prices active with the holidays! Current stock:
Antminer S9 at €1290, 56 pieces in stock
Antminer D3 at €1450, 34 pieces in stock
Antminer L3+ at €1410, 23 pieces in stock
Over 100 pieces of APW3++ available!
We also have other miners available in limited quantity such as INNOSILICON products - just check out our webshop!
Hope to hear from you soon, sincerely,

this company legit? search of the site doesn’t disclose much. they are selling much cheaper than other places. almost too cheap to be real.


Visit for webbased whois.

Visit for webbased whois.

Name: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd

Name servers:

@DustyTron The site doesn’t even work for me here in the US. Sure doesn’t seem legit.

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