Another one who sent LTC to a BTC address


Like many others I accidentally sent some LTC to a BTC address held by CEX io. The transaction has been confirmed on the BTC address’s corresponding LTC address ( I know that if I had the BTC wallet’s private keys it would be fairly straight forward for me to get access to the LTC wallet, but as it’s a CEX io wallet, I don’t have the keys.

I’ve contacted CEX io, and whilst they haven’t responded to my ticket directly, I had a Reddit message saying curtly;

“hello, unfortunately with the case of BTC wallet we cannot do anything, it’s not possible technically. You will be also updated via your ticket. We are sorry about that (”

I’ve asked for more clarification on why it’s not possible technically when I hear from everyone else that it’s perfectly possible, but I haven’t heard back from them.

I’m guessing that I’m at the mercy of CEX io, but I just want to know the hive mind’s thoughts on whether there’s anything else I can do.

Any suggestions or hugs would be appreciated!