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Griffex Exchange

What is it?
Griffex is a new flexible trading platform that offers features that takes care of the prevalent flaws and loopholes of the current exchanges. It is the perfect platform for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors at managing multi currency investment portfolio.Griffex is designed for the expert traders as well as newcomers through its innovative interface that not only offers the ease of use but a magnitude of feature rich options.

Vision - To create an influential global crypto exchange ecosystem that pioneers the adoption of cryptocurrency in the masses. The reason behind is to build a user-friendly platform that is mediated by community standards and driven by a sharp conscious for changing the world each step at a time!

Mission - The mission is two-pronged. Firstly, to alter the current crypto-trading scenario, by offering a number of lucrative trading and investment options alongside educative resources making it possible for traders to float even in sluggish market conditions. The second aspect is to bring cryptocurrencies into the ambit of everyday exchanges by normalizing their use with rigorous advocacy.

Proof Of Care - The bounty program from Griffex is called Proof-of-Caring which in exchange for a suitable contribution from people rewards them with digital assets that’re tradable on the platform.Proof-of-Caring is positioned strategically for rewarding those that truly care for the crypto-economy For those eager to kickstart their crypto trading careers, the option of earning cryptocurrencies from Griffex by performing certain tasks undoubtedly serves as the cherry on the top.Proof-of-Caring is positioned strategically for rewarding those that truly care for the crypto-economy.At Proof-of-Caring, anybody can earn GFX tokens in return for their time and efforts.
Proof of caring

Get Griffex at https://griffex.co/Griffex-Website-Screen-1%20(2)