Android Litecoin Wallet Broken

Ever since BTC-E went down the Android Litecoin wallet has not worked for me or my friend. He has coins he would like to send and he can’t, every time we open the app it just closes on its own and says “Litecoin stopped working.” Can anybody update the Android wallet?

Not working again

My Android Litecoin app went down.
So I have rooted my phone and have found my keys in a file ssl-keystore.

What kind of file is this /
is it encrypted and if so how can I make the contents visible ?
Anybody got any ideas ??

The same thing happened to me, I was able to get my private keys from the encrypted backup I had using openssl.
This helped

Note: This happened to me: I restored from backup, resynced the chain, then once done immediately moved my coins off because it would blow up again.

Something is wrong with the client. Wish there was another litecoin client or someone would pick this one up again.


Same thing happened to me. I had to recover my backups and decrypt using openssl. This wallet should be removed from the play store to prevent people from losing funds.

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So what wallet are you using now? I hate cloud wallets (if you don’t own your keys, you don’t own your coin) and I’d prefer something on a droid for portability.


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I’m not using anything for Android as there is nothing available. Loaf Wallet early access is there but I don’t fully trust it yet until it’s finished.

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