And still we make rookie mistakes..... (Yep, LTC sent to BTC address)

Ug! In a moment of utter stupidity I sent a bitcoin address to a client for a litecoin payment. Sure enough the transaction is stranded forever on the network.

Granted it’s 2.3 LTC, but that’s 2.3 LTC that are gone forever and ever. I can’t believe I made this kind of an error, but now that LTC is using segwit style addresses I guess this sort of collision can happen.

Ah well. Live and learn.

Then again it might be possible to get the LTC myself since I generated the transaction request.

Maybe not, but perhaps… But hey, this could be a learning opportunity!


If you have the private key to the BTC address you can recover the “lost” LTC.

Yup, I’m beginning to see that. The trick is to re-encode it with litecoin’s derivation path. Not impossible, good learning experience.

If you need more help with this, let me know

Yep, got the litecoin back and into a proper wallet. If you control your private keys for a transaction then it’s simple. If you don’t control your private keys… well then you don’t have litecoin or bitcoin…

Thanks everyone! More a rookie mistake here, I just need to be more careful in the future.

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That’s because Litecoin is a disreputable outfit like CL

Shouldn’t the client or any client for that matter forbid you to send to nonexistent addresses?